Special Circumstances

Extra information for Computer Science students

If you are applying to a Computer Science (CS) program and are not sure what area you are interested in, we recommend that you just state in your application that you’re not sure what are you want to work in.  In particular, the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are currently very popular among applicants (as of 2012-2013), so faculty in these areas are often over-subscribed, making these areas possibly the hardest into which to get admitted.  Perhaps 50% of applicants to most top schools will say they want work in machine learning, so this area is highly competitive. 

Of course, if you actually want to work in AI or ML, then you should truthfully state this in your application.  If however you don’t really know what area you want to work in, it’s probably not a good idea to say in your application that you really want to do AI/ML. 

However, please do be truthful and straightforward, and please do not mis-state your area of interest.  If you actually want to work in ML, but fail to say to in your application, you might also end up being admitted through a “non-ML” track.  This could later make it hard or impossible for you to find an ML advisor to work with you, should you be admitted.


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